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Who Benefits from the 340B Drug Discount Program?

By Allyson Funk  |    June 10, 2015
The 340B program was created by Congress in 1992 to help vulnerable or uninsured patients gain access to needed prescription medicines, by requiring pharmaceutical manufacturers to provide steep...   Read More

340B Spotlight: A Look at 340B Purchases

By Karyn Schwartz  |    June 3, 2015
If you are familiar with the 340B program, you have probably heard the oft-cited assertion that 340B only represents 2% of pharmaceutical sales.[1] But just because a statistic is widely repeated,...   Read More

Week in Review: The Latest from PhRMA

By Mollymae Metheny  |    April 10, 2015
The reality of prescription drug spending in Medicaid, more than 240 Medicines in Development to treat blood cancers, PPA celebrates its 10th anniversary, look at a patient with rheumatoid...   Read More

The Reality of Prescription Drug Spending in Medicaid

By Robert Zirkelbach  |    April 9, 2015
Recent rhetoric on spending in state Medicaid programs often overstates the cost impact of prescription medicines and ignores the competitive biopharmaceutical market that exists in the U.S.,...   Read More

340B Paradox: As the Uninsured Rate Drops, 340B Program Continues to Grow

By Karyn Schwartz  |    April 2, 2015
Recent studies show the Affordable Care Act (ACA) has reduced the uninsured rate and lowered the amount of uncompensated care that hospitals provide. Paradoxically, these welcome trends are also...   Read More

Which 340B Entities Are Getting Most of the Savings?

By Lori Reilly  |    March 19, 2015
When policymakers think about the 340B program, they often think of the thousands of clinics that depend on the 340B program to help underserved populations. The 340B program requires...   Read More

Debunking the Myths of Treating Hepatitis C

By Robert Zirkelbach  |    November 4, 2014
Original publish date was 7/21/2014; this post was updated on 8/5/2014 and 11/4/2014. A national dialogue is needed around the value of new medicines and cures and the role they play in improving...   Read More

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