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Coming together to fight COVID-19: A conversation with Kabir K. Nath, President & CEO of Otsuka North America Pharmaceutical Business

By Stephen J. Ubl  |    December 9, 2020
This year, our industry has been working around the clock to combat the COVID-19 virus, including developing effective therapeutics to treat COVID-19 and vaccines to prevent future infections.   Read More

Proposed change to Medicaid line extension definition ignores importance of critical improvements in treatments

By Nicole Longo  |    October 13, 2020
In comments recently submitted to the administration, PhRMA raised concerns with a number of changes included in the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) Medicaid proposed rule. Today,...   Read More

Guest post: A post-pandemic crisis: The mental toll on America

By Guest Contributor  |    June 16, 2020
Conversations and healthy debate about issues facing our industry and the health care system are critical to addressing some of today’s challenges and opportunities. The Catalyst welcomes guest...   Read More

Opening the conversation around mental health treatment with advocates & industry leaders

By Andrew Powaleny  |    June 6, 2017
Biopharmaceutical research and innovation is making strides in the world of mental health by expanding the understanding of the field and bringing about a new era of mental health medicine. No...   Read More

Second Annual PhRMA Survey: How Americans View Their Health, Three Important New Health Trends to Watch

By PhRMA Staff  |    August 13, 2014
This week we released From Hope to Cures: PhRMA’s Second Annual National Health Survey revealing new data on how Americans view their own health as well as that of the Nation. The survey also reveals...   Read More

Burden on Patients: Mental Health Disorders Can Affect Anyone and Health Insurance Exchanges Must Provide Needed Medicines

By Allyson Funk  |    July 1, 2014
Americans with mental health conditions often have to deal with stigmas surrounding their illness and other social barriers that have the potential to limit their access to care. This morning the...   Read More

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