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5 Things to consider when choosing your health coverage

By Allyson Funk  |    November 3, 2015
Choosing a health insurance plan can feel like an overwhelming task and making sure you understand your coverage and out-of-pocket costs is important to ensure you can access the services and...   Read More

Insurance coverage 101

By Allyson Funk  |    October 30, 2015
When it comes to health insurance, you have probably heard terms like deductible, copay or coinsurance thrown around. What does it all mean? Cutting through the clutter of health insurance can be...   Read More

Five Things You Might Not Know About Medicare Part D

By Allyson Funk  |    October 15, 2014
Another Medicare open enrollment period begins today, Wednesday, October 15, and runs through Sunday, December 7. During open enrollment seniors and individuals with disabilities can evaluate...   Read More

When It Comes to Getting Your Meds, Are You Covered?

By Allyson Funk  |    October 1, 2014
Four in five American adults take at least one medication, and more than one in four take five medicines or more. For patients to live longer, healthier lives, being able to access needed...   Read More

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