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2015: A banner year for personalized medicine

By Emma Van Hook  |    January 22, 2016
2015 was a record year for personalized medicine approvals, according to a new analysis  from the Personalized Medicine Coalition (PMC). This news confirms the growing role of personalized...   Read More

Ensuring personalized medicines reach patients

By Andrew Powaleny  |    November 10, 2015
Personalized medicine is changing the health care landscape for patients by bringing new and innovative treatments to the market. Among the many benefits of personalized medicine, include...   Read More

Personalized Medicine: The next health frontier

By Ieva M. Augstums  |    October 23, 2015
One of PhRMA’s most important roles is serving as a convener. And earlier this week we joined with The Hill to convene two terrific discussions around personalized – or precision – medicine. We do...   Read More

A new kind of Chart Pack

By Christian Clymer  |    October 15, 2015
I’m excited to introduce our new online Chart Pack, a resource designed to visually demonstrate how much value America’s biopharmaceutical researchers and manufacturers bring to our nation’s...   Read More

New Study Examines Clinical Pathways: An Overview of Current Practices and Potential Implications for Patients, Payers, and Providers

By Kelsey Lang  |    July 28, 2015
As health care payers seek to transition to new, value-based payment models, clinical pathways are one strategy payers and providers are using in their efforts to contain costs and promote...   Read More

Week in Review: The Latest from PhRMA

By Priscilla VanderVeer  |    June 5, 2015
Who is Making Decisions About Your Health? This week, the Catalyst featured key information about fail first and prior authorization processes, which are methods used by health insurers to limit...   Read More

New Chart Pack: Advancing Innovative Treatment Options for Patients Through Personalized Medicine

By Emma Van Hook  |    June 4, 2015
We’re at a remarkable time in medicine, where the rapid pace of science is enabling researchers to make tremendous advances against some of the most devastating diseases. One of the most promising...   Read More

How Manufacturing Advances Can Help Make Medicines More Effective

By Tim McClung  |    May 26, 2015
When we think about innovation in medicine development, we often don’t picture assembly lines or the industrial manufacturing methods that create the tablets, capsules, injectables or I.V....   Read More

Week in Review: The Latest from PhRMA

By Priscilla VanderVeer  |    May 22, 2015
High Out-of-Pocket Costs Hurt Patients: Even with health coverage, approximately 31 million Americans were considered “underinsured” last year due to high deductibles and increasing out-of-pocket...   Read More

New Study Illustrates Biopharmaceutical Industry’s Commitment to Personalized Medicine

By Gretta Stone  |    May 20, 2015
Potential personalized medicines represent 42 percent of drugs in the pipeline. This new finding, from a survey by the Tufts Center for the Study for Drug Development (CSDD), is remarkably high,...   Read More

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