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340B Spotlight: How for-profit middlemen are taking advantage of a program meant to support nonprofit entities and patients

By Nicole Longo  |    August 20, 2019
Congress created the 340B program to help safety-net providers, like federally-funded safety net clinics, access discounts on prescription medicines for vulnerable or uninsured patients....   Read More

340B Spotlight: What are contract pharmacy arrangements?

By Allyson Funk  |    October 1, 2015
We’ve been covering 340B a lot in recent weeks, including areas of needed reform: how discounts work, levels of charity care among 340B hospitals and the relatively high rate of 340B hospitals...   Read More

Ask About Adherence: Q&A with Pharmacy Quality Alliance

By Samantha Dougherty  |    April 9, 2015
Ask About Adherence is a blog series featuring Q&A’s with experts in medication adherence. In this post, we speak with Laura Cranston, Pharmacy Quality Alliance (PQA) executive director, on...   Read More

Winning the War Against Counterfeiters

By Guest Contributor  |    February 16, 2011
I just addressed the Pharma IQ conference, Winning the War Against Counterfeiters, here in Amsterdam. It was an important opportunity to raise awareness of the threat counterfeit medicines pose to...   Read More

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