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Novel medicines approved in 2022 offer increased treatment options for patients

By Andrew Powaleny  |    January 23, 2023
2022 marked another year of significant progress by biopharmaceutical research companies conducting lifesaving research and development for innovative medicines with a total of 45 new medicine...   Read More

ICYMI: PhRMA kicks off the year at the 2023 J.P. Morgan Health Care Conference

By Katie Koziara  |    January 19, 2023
This January, PhRMA joined health care leaders, investors, R&D experts and members of the media at the 2023 J.P. Morgan Health Care Conference in San Francisco, CA. During this week, we discussed...   Read More

WTAS: Inflation Reduction Act already impacting R&D decisions

By Nicole Longo  |    January 17, 2023
The Inflation Reduction Act’s (IRA’s) drug price setting provisions, as predicted, are already impacting biopharmaceutical research & development (R&D) decisions. Whether you are looking at estimates...   Read More

Stories from the lab: Researchers discuss innovative treatments for cancers of the blood

By Matthew Norawong  |    December 1, 2022
The biopharmaceutical industry is one of the most research-intensive of all sectors in the U.S. economy and supports a broad range of STEM jobs through R&D and manufacturing. At the backbone of the...   Read More

Expanding TRIPS waiver would jeopardize biopharmaceutical research and development

By Megan Van Etten  |    November 17, 2022
The United States has led the charge in the development of vaccines and treatments to combat COVID-19 thanks in large part to our robust innovation ecosystem, supported by intellectual property (IP)...   Read More

New government price setting policy threatens post-approval research

By Nicole Longo  |    November 10, 2022
Have you ever noticed that one medicine might be used to treat two, three, seven different conditions? That’s the result of significant additional research and investment, including lengthy and...   Read More

Congratulations to our 2022 Working for Cures Employee Champions

By Stephen J. Ubl  |    November 10, 2022
The Working for Cures Employee Champion Awards celebrate the real people in our industry who go above and beyond to advance science and support the work our industry does for patients.   Read More

ICYMI: PhRMA COO Lori Reilly Esq. speaks with Jacob Van Naarden about the future of cancer research

By Emilie Signora  |    November 8, 2022
Our health care ecosystem has made tremendous progress in the fight against cancer, with the cancer death rate falling 32% from its peak in 1991. On November 3, PhRMA sponsored The Atlantic’s People...   Read More

New paper: Addressing the growing crisis of mental health and substance use disorders

By Lindsey Seidlitz  |    November 7, 2022
The United States is facing a crisis of mental health and addiction that has left few Americans and families unimpacted by these illnesses and the devastating consequences that are often associated...   Read More

Protecting treatment advances for breast cancer

By Jocelyn Ulrich  |    October 31, 2022
Since the 1980s, October has been recognized as National Breast Cancer Awareness Month — an opportunity for us to unite as a community to honor those who have had breast cancer and raise awareness...   Read More

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