Week in Review: Keeping Patients In-The-Know

Christian Clymer
Christian Clymer February 27, 2015
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Many patients are not aware of the harmful effects that non-adherence to needed medicines can have on their health, lifestyle and the economy. This week, we explored the ways in which medication adherence and staying up-to-date on important health-related information can help patients.

Our #MedicareMonday series discussed how Medicare Part D beneficiaries with high cholesterol, also known as dyslipidemia, benefit from adherence. Thanks to Part D, seniors can access needed treatments to live a healthier, more active life and adhering to these medicines reduces health care spending. On average, adherent seniors with dyslipidemia save approximately $1,847 per year, and failing to adhere to prescriptions means individuals run the risk of serious health complications.

Being adherent is also essential for patients with other conditions. This week was Rare Diseases Week, which culminates in Rare Disease Day tomorrow. For individuals with rare diseases, it can often be hard to obtain a diagnosis and appropriate treatment, but the last decade has seen significant progress in the understanding of rare diseases and the development of new treatments. Today, more than 450 medicines in development in the pipeline give patients hope. Still, even with proper treatments, adherence rates among rare disease patients are between 58 and 65 percent, according to Atlantis Healthcare. For individuals suffering from these conditions, it is critical that they have all the information they need to ensure they us their medicines as directed to live a healthy life. We will continue to post resources and helpful information to our website and on social media in honor of Rare Disease Week and Rare Disease Day, and will be highlighting the various tweetchats that occurred in our latest Conversations forum later this week.

While this week focused on patients with dyslipidemia and rare diseases, it is critical that all patients understand the importance of adherence and how it can positively impact lives. Be on the lookout in the coming weeks for a new blog series that focuses on this issue and highlights how it benefits patients and the broader health care ecosystem.

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