Week in Review: The Latest from PhRMA

Priscilla VanderVeer
Priscilla VanderVeer June 19, 2015

Week in Review: The Latest from PhRMA.

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Burden on Patients: Access to medicines is important for patients who are managing chronic conditions. In the latest edition of the Burden on Patients” series, we’re taking a look at the barriers to treatments many patients face, starting with a focus on access to mental health medicines in 2015 health insurance exchange plans.week-in-review

Also be sure to check out the conversation with Andrew Sperling, director of federal legislative advocacy for the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI), for more on access to mental health treatments.

Strong IP Protections in the TPP: Take a look at this Catalyst post for the top three reasons medical innovation depends on strong intellectual property (IP) protections in the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP).

#MedicareMonday: The Independent Payment Advisory Board (IPAB), a provision of the Affordable Care Act, could be repealed by Congress. Learn why this would be good news for patients.

Ask About Adherence: Xian Shen, a 2015 PhRMA Foundation Young Investigator Adherence grantee, shared insights on the research she is doing to better understand medication adherence among Medicare beneficiaries. 

Topics: Intellectual Property, Trade, Mental Health