Week in review: The latest from PhRMA

Priscilla VanderVeer
Priscilla VanderVeer March 25, 2016

Week in review: The latest from PhRMA.

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week-in-review.jpgFDA quality metrics:  Building on our constructive ideas for improvements to the FDA’s recent proposal for a mandatory metrics program, we featured a guest blog post from Mairead Goetz, head of compliance for Novartis in the group quality compliance & audit organization, highlighting potential operability challenges of the program.

Advancing MS treatments – The last decade has changed the reality for patients living with multiple sclerosis (MS).  Previous treatments for the disease were limited to a handful of injected and infused medicines. Today, MS patients have better and more diverse options, such as oral medicines, that carry fewer side effects. Read more about advancements in MS treatments. 

Medicare Monday – This week, we highlighted the Extra Help program within Medicare D by sharing an example from Diane, a hypothetical patient. Twelve million low-income Part D beneficiaries like Diane benefit from the program through cost sharing for their prescriptions and waiving or lowering their premiums and deductibles. Learn why changing this program would harm Medicare beneficiaries.