What you don’t know about importation from Canada

Allyson Funk
Allyson Funk February 17, 2017

What you don’t know about importation from Canada.

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Proposals to allow the importation of prescription medicines from Canada ignore the dangerous threat to patients of counterfeit and adulterated medicines. What actually happens when a patient orders a medicine through an online Canadian pharmacy may not be what you think. Counterfeit and adulterated medicines may contain paint, drywall or other harmful ingredients, be handled incorrectly or, in some cases, contain no active ingredients at all. Often these medicines look so similar patients cannot tell the difference. This infographic explores the realities of importation, comparing what you think happens in Canada with what actually happens.


Learn more at: PhRMA.org/Importation.

Topics: Counterfeit Drugs, Prescription Drug Safety, Importation