Ask About Adherence: One tool for synchronizing and simplifying your medication routine

Carolyn Ha
Carolyn Ha December 22, 2016


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Ask About Adherence is a blog series featuring Q&A’s with experts and new medication adherence resources. In this post, we feature additional medication synchronization resources.

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Is your shopping list checked off?  Are you still running around trying to get everything ready for the holidays? Looking for a way to de-clutter as we gear up for a new year? Here’s a simple and small adjustment you can make to help get all of your medications, or prescriptions for a loved one, down to a science, making it one less thing to worry about when it comes to your health.

A patient care service called medication synchronization, also known as med sync, is now being provided by thousands of pharmacies across America and can help with your medication routine. Med sync aims to make the process of prescription refills and pickups simpler by streamlining them into one monthly visit. This means you can pick up all your prescriptions in one visit on a designated day each month, all managed by your pharmacy. Anyone can use the program – from busy professionals to parents juggling multiple prescriptions in a household to caregivers.

As we’ve previously highlighted on Ask About Adherence, synchronized refill services can help improve medication adherence, especially those that include an appointment-based model where patients can sit down with a pharmacist for monthly one-on-one consultations.

Synchronizing your medication refills is one easy resolution you can keep, so talk to your local pharmacist. Here are some additional resources to check out to learn more about the importance of medication adherence and see if a program like med sync is right for you and your family.

Here is to a happy and productive 2017, cheers to your health!

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