Biopharmaceutical Innovation Benefits Many Sectors of Industry

PhRMA Staff
PhRMA Staff July 8, 2015

Biopharmaceutical Innovation Benefits Many Sectors of Industry.

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Catalyst_Promo4While the connection between sectors isn’t obvious to many, the sheet metal industry plays an integral role in the development of new medicines. Without it, many innovative new treatment options would not be possible.

Sheet metal workers design and construct world class facilities that provide space for medicine development. In return, we contribute to the sheet metal industry by encouraging continued education in the trade. In the words of one apprentice, “Sheet metal workers need biopharmaceutical companies, just like biopharmaceutical companies need sheet metal workers.”

PhRMA is proud of the relationship we have with so many diverse industries. Through these partnerships, we are able to touch the lives of many through employment opportunities and the successful creation of new medicines.

To learn more about the behind the scenes contributions to biopharmaceutical development, watch the full video:


Topics: Research and Development, Economic Impact