Celebrating cardiovascular health on World Heart Day 2015

Hannah Mooney   |     September 29, 2015   |   SHARE THIS

Today, we celebrate more heartbeats with World Heart Day.

With a focus on cardiovascular disease and the promoting of healthier heart hygiene, World Heart Day is an opportunity to acknowledge advances in cardiovascular science and disease prevention. Even with heart disease topping the list of deadly diseases that affect patients in America today, death rates from heart disease and stroke are falling each year. This is thanks in large part to America’s biopharmaceutical research companies and their commitment to developing new treatments and cures.

heartBut because more than 83 million Americans have at least one type of heart-related disease and every 40 seconds an American dies from a heart attack or stroke, the focus on preventative heart health is vital to preventing related diseases down the road.

Extensive evidence shows appropriate use of and adherence to medicines play an important role in decreasing spending on medical services, including treatment for cardiovascular disease. In fact, research found Medicare Part D beneficiaries who were more adherent to their medicines for congestive heart failure saved more than beneficiaries who were non-adherent. America’s biopharmaceutical research companies work tirelessly to develop new treatments and cures each year that give patients hope. Patients like Doreen, for example, suffer from heart-related conditions and now have the potential to have stronger, healthier hearts thanks to these advances in science and research.

As we celebrate World Heart Day, it is important to remember the role of continued innovation in reducing the impact of heart disease and helping patients live longer, healthier lives.

For more information about how innovative biopharmaceutical companies are fighting cardiovascular disease, visit http://www.fromhopetocures.org/fighting-cardiovascular-diseases.

Hannah Mooney

Hannah Mooney Hannah is a Senior Manager of Public Affairs at PhRMA developing paid media programs and campaigns as well as assisting other PhRMA team members to cultivate a values-driven messaging platform on the value of the industry and the medicines our companies bring to the health care system. In a former life, she worked in grassroots advocacy and voter contact, supporting Members of Congress, their campaigns, and public affairs organizations with their legislative initiatives in addition to having worked in the U.S. Senate in communications. Hannah enjoys being outdoors and exploring all the city has to offer, teaching cycling classes, and finding new restaurants with good food and better patios in the District.

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