Join “I’m Not Average,” a community for patients and supporters

Ieva M. Augstums
Ieva M. Augstums December 15, 2015

Join “I’m Not Average,” a community for patients and supporters.

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FB_General_HashtagEvery patient has a story. This is the core belief that inspired the creation of “I’m Not Average,” an online campaign committed to sharing stories of hope in the face of illness thanks – in part – to innovative treatments and modern medicines.

Join the online “I’m Not Average” community on Facebook and Twitter, and show your support for those that embody strength during hardship. Whether you are a patient yourself like 9-year-old Ellie, a caregiver like Diane, or a general supporter, we hope that this community serves as a vehicle for inspiration and encouragement for those that need it.

I’m Not Average Facebook: facebook.com/ImNotAverageStories

I’m Not Average Twitter: twitter.com/ImNotAvg

I’m Not Average” reminds us that every patient is unique, and has reason to remain hopeful for the future thanks in part to incredible innovations in medicine. We encourage you to share your personal experience with others and to read the inspiring stories that have already been contributed.  

To learn more about “I’m Not Average” and to submit your own story, visit www.fromhopetocures.org/imnotaverage. And spread the message of hope using the #ImNotAverage hashtag.

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